Friday, October 3, 2008

What's Next?

The Beginner Triathlete October Run Challenge! The most miles I've ever logged for a month is 47 (August of this year). So my goal for October is 50 miles. This should also push me way ahead for my annual goal of a mile per day for the year.

Currently I'm at mile 288 and we are at the 277th day of the year.

Today I ran 6 miles. This was my first run since the half marathon on Sunday. I felt good, but I had to stretch out twice. I still got in my miles in less than an hour.

Other good news: Today is Anna's first day at pre-school! Becky and I dropped her off this morning and she took off playing with the other girls (she was looking for the boys when we walked in - none were there yet... uh-ohh). She said goodbye to Becky and I was we left and ran back to playing without even thinking about waving 'bye-bye' I'll be heading back to pick her up soon.

What a day!

(For those considering the triathlon thing - Sign up on the website NOW! Join the October Run Challenge, set and complete a goal it this month! You'll make new friends and find new motivation - stop slacking!)

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