Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hawk Island Triathlon Race Report

Hawk Island Triathlon (Sprint Distance) Race Report and Photo's:

Click on the photo for full size / readable image. A friend from Pure Enchantment Photography took some very sweet pictures. Very good stuff! Go Visit his site.

Good race overall. Now I need to consider my options and plan for the season. I still plan to race the Lansing Legislator, but I need to decide on either the sprint or Olympic distance. Maybe I'll run in one of the T-Rex series races, there are 3 of them... but it's rather expensive :) I still plan to run the Capital City River Run, and then I am planning on the PumpkinMan tri in Las Vegas for November! It's a huge race and should be a ton of fun!!


Becky said...

I think you know, but the PumpkinMan is in October not November... maybe we can make final decison soon!!! We so need to vacation (especially after a night like last night :)

Jeremy H said...

Ahh right, October!

Andrea said...

Good catch Becky - I was just going to say that. And yes, you really DO need a vacation!

OKay, I'm going to go read the race report now. :)

Craig said...

AWESOME job this weekend teammate! I got to get with you for some ows training! It's all about attitude at the start and I KNOW you can pull that off ;)

I can't wait to see the pics.

I'll at least be at the Legislator to cheer you on. My son wants to do the du for that one.