Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where I Am Now

July has been a challenging month so far. I've battled against some fatigue issues I believe to be related to heavy training loads and a strong early season of racing. Work has been busy with several shifts that have left me with little energy come morning, but still I go home to watch the girls for the day. By no means have I lost the desire to train or race, but I've lacked the time and energy to get the regular sessions in that I want.

Last month I opted out of 2 races that I hoped to race. I spent most of last month doing recovery training and trying some focused running stuff.

Early this month I raced at the Inter-Rockin' Triathlon. I didn't place in my age group, I missed a medal by 4 minutes. That's a huge time difference, yet my swim time was more than 4 minutes slower than it should have been for me to actually be competitive in the water. Swim needs to become a focus for me!

In a couple of weeks I'll go back to race the Lansing Legislator. Last year was my first time racing this event and it's stuck in my mind as it was my worst swim ever. This year I will do better, hard to do worse...

Then in September I will probably run the Capital City River Run Half Marathon. October will bring a trip to Vegas and a sprint tri in the big city! The hills in Vegas may prove my demise!

And to continue jumping in and out the month of July, I joined an online Tour de France Challenge. I put in to bike 300 miles in the 2.5 weeks of the Tour. I have 4 days left to complete 100 miles. I should be able to do this! And then this coming Monday I will attempt my first 100 mile bike. I'll be riding with a friend from the BT site. Should be about 5 hours in the saddle.

Here's the stats for the month and year to date:

July's totals:

Bike: 11h 42m 26s - 202.13 Mi
Run: 4h 56m 26s - 27.22 Mi
Swim: 54m 07s - 946.81 Yd
Strength: 32m
Elliptical Training: 20m

June's totals:
Bike: 7h 19m 59s - 137.32 Mi
Run: 9h 46m 17s - 64 Mi
Swim: 1h 10m - 1500 Yd
Strength: 50m
Misc.: 5h 00m
Walking: 2h 00m
Wood Chopping : 4h 00m

2009 totals

Bike: 74h 33m 12s - 1255.25 Mi
Run: 50h 12m 38s - 319.13 Mi
Swim: 11h 25m 37s - 22209.26 Yd
Strength: 6h 27m
Elliptical Training: 2h 15m
Kettlebell: 1h 35m
Massage: 1h 45m
Misc.: 12h 00m
P90X: 1h 09m
StairMill: 10m
Walking: 4h 00m
Wood Chopping: 4h 00m
Yoga: 2h 00m

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Layneh said...

Timm and I got out and swam in Gull Lake yesterday, it was much better than I had thought.

The water was cool and perfectly clear. The boats did bring in some medium size swells, but nothing too big. If all else, it made it a more realistic challenge.

There also were few people out there, or in the way. No cost involved since we biked there as well.

Anytime you want to come down and swim, let me know!