Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sept 2010 - Capital City River Run

Wrapped up September today, another month in the books. 

I opted to run the Capital City River Run half marathon last Sunday.  I figured that it would be a good final tempo run for training towards the Grand Rapids Marathon on Oct 17th.  I ran it by the race clock 1 minute slower than last year with a final finish time of 1 hour 38 minutes.  I would have liked to be faster than last year, but given that my recent training has been for a full marathon, I'll take that time!

On my way to the race Sunday morning, my truck started leaking gas from somewhere.  A half a tank of gas went missing along Michigan Ave.  The tank went dry... not my glycogen tank you geeks.  I happened to stop just close enough to the race site where I could walk in to PPU.  I opted to race, even though I was upset.  I could see where the gas leak was from, so I figured that since there was no more gas (thus no more gas leak) that I would have the truck towed home... after the race.

I started off in front of the 7:30 pacer.  Initially I thought that I would run as far as I could at a 7:20 pace.  That lasted until mile 8.  I slowed to a 7:35 pace and held it there for all of mile 8, 9 and into 10.  I did take 1 GU at the 8 mile mark and water at every other aid station.  I had hoped to have enough 'in the tank' (glycogen now) to finish the last 3 miles real strong.  It was at that point that the 7:30 pacer caught up to me.

Now, I'll give it to the pacers for running a specific pace while encouraging runners to give it their best.  But I just didn't want to hear all that 'encouragement'  I just wanted to finish my race.  I couldn't get back in to a good groove.  I could hold a 7:15 pace, but when I tried to push into the high 6's my HR jumped up.  Funny thing - the 7:30 pacer found himself all alone and started running a 7:00 pace.  C'mon!!

I finished with a short final sprint.  I felt great!  I had a good run and was thankful for a beautiful race morning.

Finally, finished off my morning with a tow truck ride home.  Then replaced a minor part on the truck and spent the day with my family.

Totals for the month:
(yes, only 30 minutes of swimming due to a broken rib)
Bike:7h 16m 31s  - 106.17 Mi
Run:11h 50m 07s  - 80.57 Mi
Swim:30m  - 1000 Yd   

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