Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Game Time!

It's game time.  Well, not time to race, but time to train.  20 Weeks until Racine!  My racing plans have taken a definitive shape.  Here's the list:

    4/02 Martian Marathon (Not set in stone yet)
    6/05 Hawk Island Tri - Sprint                  
    6/12 Motor City Tri - Olympic                
    7/17 Ironman Racine 70.3                                      
    7/30 Warrior Dash MI
    8/07 Lansing Legislator - Sprint or Olympic                        
    9/11 Rev3 Cedar Point 70.3                          
    10/15 GR or Detroit Marathon
    11/05 Iceman MTB Race - 27 Miles of Pain!!  

To summarize my off season:  October left me spent.  Grand Rapids Marathon was a great race, but I was secretly glad the season was done.  I had hopes to run an ultra marathon, but I needed the rest.  I decided to take December easy, January came quick and I emphasized strength training and stretching.  I did low volume running and no swimming.  February proved to be a challenge to get back into the groove of training.  Many times I had to really make a mental push to get in the workouts. 

Warm weather is close, here in Michigan, and everyday we see more sunlight earlier in the morning.  I'm ready to go, I'm chompin' at the bit!  

I've registered for the Iceman Cometh mountain bike race.  This was my 3rd year thinking about the race, but every year it sells out within hours of opening registration.  This year I got in, the race sold out in 5 hours with 3700 participants.  I'm pretty excited about this race.

Becky and I will be running the Warrior Dash just after Racine.  I'm excited about this one too, it'll be my first adventure race and it will be super fun to run it with Becky!!  Some good friends ran it last year and came back with stories and pictures that you wouldn't believe, I'm stoked to run this one!

Team Motiv8 is well under way!  We're nailing down our sponsors and creating our tri training classes.  We are also readying our childrens programs.  I can't wait to get in with the kids and talk to them about the importance of making healthy nutritional choices and to encourage them to play (like kids should do).  What a great opportunity that we have!  Check out our website at We'd love for you to join us and run with us across the finish line.  Watch for us at local races and stop by our tent before and after the event!  There will be good stuff happening at our tent!  

As always, thank you to my girls! Becky, Anna and Sophia - you ARE my world! You inspire me to be a better person every day.

February Totals:

Bike:10h 29m 48s  - 161.55 Mi
Run:9h 31m 10s  - 53.5 Mi

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