Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ironman Florida Prep

This week is my final taper week for Ironman Florida.  This has been an incredible journey over this past 5 years, especially this past year as I've had one main focus: Complete my first Ironman Triathlon.  I'm excited, nervous and I believe that I have experienced every level of emotion in preparation for this event.

I log almost all of my workouts, track nutrition and sleep habits, monitor overall health and the feeling of wellness.  I have logged hundreds of hours and thousands of miles over the past 5 years in preparation for this race.  This past year has been tough mentally when looking forward to the event.  I've placed a lot of hype around this one event.  I'm happy with my annual training, while my more recent months of training have had focus, they have not as much specificity as I preplanned.  That being said, I ran an event earlier this year (North Country Trail 50 Miler) where I learned the value of mental toughness.  When you're down to the wire, when you feel like you cannot make it any farther you MUST dig deep in your mind and you WILL find more motivation to complete what you started.  Understand your limits but know your abilities.  I am determined!

You can track my progress at the Ironman Florida website.  There is an app named IronTrac that can be used to follow my progress.  Sometimes the data relay is slow and rarely it has been known not to upload your info from Ironman.  Becky will be making progress reports for me during the race but she will also be volunteering until 4 or 5 pm Central time -- no worries, I won't be done by then :)

Of course, I will report back here after the race.

Part of my focus has been on fund raising for a non profit organization that is based in Holland, Michigan.  You can go to  AquaClara.org  to learn more about the organization and how they are specifically making a difference.
     "Aqua Clara International is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to forge sustainable and scalable solutions to the problems associated with potable water in developing countries. Their goal is to provide those who live on less than $2 per day with affordable clean water. Their team of engineers, scientists, business people and program managers is dedicated to carrying out this mission by developing and deploying solutions to worldwide water issues that are appropriate to various local contexts and needs." 
A goal that I set to achieve this year is to raise $1406.00 for this charity.  I would greatly appreciate any support in meeting that goal.  As an individual or as a business, this is a charitable donation which can be used as a tax write off.  Every single $1 helps!

Please forward this post to your friends or business owners who may be interested in donating.  

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