Monday, October 13, 2014

Registered for Ironman Louisville 2015!

I've recently talked with a few people about Ironman races and Ultra runs; during a few recent conversations, I've pointed to people to this blog to review my past race reports.  It's dawned on me that with the business of I haven't spent any time updating this.  This past weekend as Ironman Kona aired, the World Championships of triathlon, I really started to think about how I missed long distance racing.  With the gym opening and the busyness of scheduling and maintaining classes, I've put my training and racing to the side.  At the same time, my training and racing has largely been a part of how and why I got to where I am as a coach and trainer.

I was slated to run a 100k in January but the event was cancelled last month.  I wasn't prepared for it so it didn't break my heart not to do it.  However, at the same time, I wanted to use it as a proponent to my coaching techniques and for my athletes to see that I follow the advice I give.  There have been several recent 'things' that have made me think about completing another Ironman, beyond the sheer addiction to the event and training.   The tipping point came this past weekend as 2 other people on Team Motiv8 had recently registered for IM Louisville but then with Kona taking place, I felt that it was time to go again!  I mentioned the idea to Becky as we were driving to some friends house to stream the Kona race; she didn't say "no", rather, she said that it would be a good long term goal.... when we got to our friends house, I registered.

Ironman Louisville - what do I know about the race.... nothing.  I did no research on it before I signed up.  I knew a few things about the swim start and basic location, but nothing of course maps or elevation.  The geek in me was on fire to start researching and to start mapping out a training plan.  This week I hope to have that plan finished.

More to come soon, but in 362 days and about 9 hours.... I will be racing Ironman Louisville

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