Monday, September 15, 2008

Stuck in a Rut

I've felt so tired the last few days. I haven't gotten my workouts in and my last run was not a pretty picture. I need to follow my training plan (stick to it).

Time to regroup and dig in. My first half marathon is a week and a 5 days away. I need to get outside and log time rain or shine, cold or hot. I have gear for almost every weather condition, so I best start to use it.

I've also been throwing the idea around of a 'last race' for the season. There is a sprint distance triathlon and/or another half mary coming, both in October. I'd like one of these to be the seasons final race. Then I can focus on learning to swim competitively.

Becky and I are now more than half way through the pregnancy for our new baby. Anna is excited and loves to 'hug' the baby in mama's belly. I'm pretty excited too. While I'd love to know that we are having a boy, I also loved the surprise finding out that Anna was a girl upon her birth. That excitement is indescribable.

Lastly, my first fire officer class is almost complete. I have my class presentation to give tomorrow night. I titled it 'The Need for Functional Fitness in the Fire Service' I find it alarming that an overall average of 43% of all firefighter fatalities over the last 12 years are cardiac / overexertion related. I plan to touch on the basics of kettlebell training as part of the presentation. The contents of this presentation is part of what motivated me to start my own fitness journey, maybe I can also encourage someone else to make a difference in their own life.

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