Monday, September 8, 2008


Here we go! I'm glad that you've finally found your way here. Again, my goal is to stop sending emails that have(or may not have)details about my training.

To subscribe to my blog, look to the left column ----->> and click on the subscribe link. There will be a confirmation request sent to your email.

My last post shows the hours spent training and the distances covered. I will continue to update that monthly. Feel free to visit my BT blog (listed in my last post here). The BT site is where I log my training. Unfortunately you can see that for the last few days, I have not logged workouts (Becky, Anna and I went to visit Becky's Grandmother in Traverse City).

Yes, I will be posting personal stuff here. So this blog is not 100% dedicated to my training. But almost every aspect of my life affects training. Family first! I will not be posting political things here, not something I enjoy.

If you have any questions about health and fitness or training, email me and I'll answer it to the best of my ability. If I cannot answer it, I'll try to get you going in the right direction to finding the answer.

Thank you for visiting here. More to come soon!

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