Saturday, October 18, 2008

300 + Miles

Today I headed out for a cool Saturday morning run. I left home and ran to the city park where I took the paved route to the sledding hill (recall the 10k Pumpkin Trot last week). While I didn't feel motivated to climb the hill again, I ran the trails out and around the city park. I ran 5 laps and then continued back home.

As I logged my run I was very excited. I am still over my goal for the day of the year / mileage... But today I also passed the 300 mile mark. To me this is pretty crazy! I'm stoked! 300 miles.

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andrea said...

you are an inspiration. I like how you have the times for everything you've done layed out. Starting January 1 I'm going to do that for 2009. Keep it up!