Monday, October 27, 2008

Rollers Trainer for a bike

After a long search for what I wanted, I was informed that I was searching for the wrong type of bike trainer... So here is a steal of a deal that I was given at the local bike shop. After about 10 minutes of attempting to figure out how to stay on the rollers (you know, balance and all) this is how I did:


layneh said...

Seems to be working now.

That is an interesting contraption you have there. While it does look dangerous, it also appeals to my sense of adventure...

Dont hurt yourself, or anyone else.

By the way, I like the new look you got on the blog!

jimbo L said...

Dude! can you always video yourself trainging on this, just for the one day that you could jump it and go tearing through your house. Guaranteed 10,000 dollars on Americas funniest home vids. Just saying.