Thursday, August 6, 2009

Anti-bike segment on Detroit radio station WCSX

94.7 WCSX Detroit's Classic Rock Station:

Anti-bike segment on Detroit radio station WCSX. It was on the morning of August 5 on the Deminski and Doyle show. My favorite is how they are encouraging people to "Lob something at their (bicyclists) heads."

If you want to email WCSX management, use If you want to call them, try 248-398-9470.

I emailed them a nice note:

I simply cannot believe that you allow this on your airwaves. To encourage drivers to "Lob something at their (bicyclists) heads" is harassment. If ever someone assaults me while I'm riding, I will stop and call the police - you've passed me and I will make note of your license plate and vehicle description. You think that because you're in a car you own the road? Look up the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code - you'll see that bicyclists not only have the right to a lane, but all the same rules apply as if you are approaching another car!

Unbelievable. I will be contacting your station sponsors as well!

Why don't you take the time to encourage your team to put pressure on the state and local government to improve road conditions and make a 3 foot shoulder without pot holes. That will improve conditions for everyone.

During the segment they did state a disclaimer, if you will. As mentioned by another friend "‘…not that we condone any of this…’, said slowly with intonation that every listener can tell is mocking is a weak way of covering your potential liability if someone actually did ‘…toss someone like an acorn’. A segment on cycling arrogance is fine – I get it – but crossed the line while joking about violence."

Arrogant?? Really? Send them your opinion. Here are a few sponsors: Beaumont Children’s Hospital, Detroit Medical Center, Medi-lodge, McDonald's Michigan, Direct Optical, and National Benefit Plans. I'll post their show and station sponsors' contact information as I find it. I doubt that these sponsors would support such speak.

This goes beyond 1st Amendment Rights - this is inciting violence, assault and battery as well as harassment: ‘lobbing things’ at cyclists, ‘tossing them like an acorn’, ‘Going Grand Theft Auto’

What are the legal ramifications against them now when the next cyclist is injured? I think these talk show hosts deserve some unpaid time off and perhaps some time in the saddle on the roads we have to ride. Learn why we ride two wide in a lane; pot holes, narrow shoulders on the roadway and being visible to name a few.

A bicycle belongs in the road, not sidewalks, not hidden off to the side, in the road in a lane.

Take a look at the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code:

Review the rules in your state:


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