Monday, March 1, 2010

March is Here!

February seemed to fly by quickly, perhaps that's because we were short a few days. It was a great month for indoor training (not my favorite thing to do). But warm weather will be here soon.

During February I spent a lot of time on the bike trainer and a bit of time in the water. I still haven't started to focus my running; and today's run around MSU campus proved it. I started out too fast (6:40's)and tried to settle into a pace that was comfortable (8:20's)... last year. I ended up going much slower than I had hoped. But with the sunshine, you can bet that I'll pick that pace back up soon.

Swimming seems like it is becoming my friend. I have started to focus on speed workouts. 10x50's and 3x500's... it seems like nothing to say that my warm up is an easy 500. That's good as I'll need every minute of training come Racine! I am finally able to push the 1:20's/100 for a few laps. But I still need the direct help from a swim coach. So I hope to be hitting a few swim clinics over the next couple of months.

Cycling (still on the trainer because I'm afraid of the cold weather drivers) is going very well.

February's totals:
Bike: 16h 39m 17s - 264.55 Mi
Run: 5h 13m 07s - 30.14 Mi
Swim: 6h 33m - 17250 Yd

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