Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bring on the Blue Skies

March seems to have flown by. I awoke this morning to my wife surprising me with a smirk and a pregnancy test... not that we're pregnant, but because it's April Fools Day. Yup, she got me!

This past month I've taken on a swim coach for some much needed advice. I've got a lot to work on over the next few months! Biking (still on the trainer) is fairly consistent with last month but I upped my running. I should be pushing past 75 miles for each of the next few months.

Racine is only about 3 1/2 months away. That means I'll be incorporating a lot of hills and speed work in my training. St Johns sledding hill, HS track and football fields will be seeing a lot more of me this month! We now have a double jogger (stroller) so I'll be doing lot's of early day runs with my girls.

Thankfully the warm weather seems to be here. Today should be pushing 70 degrees F. Sunny days always make me want to be outside doing something fun, so bring on the blue skies!!

March's totals:
Bike: 14h 22m 49s - 231.32 Mi
Run: 10h 29m 53s - 67.2 Mi
Swim: 5h 38m - 12750 Yd

I've been very fortunate to have Fluid as a sponsor. Go check them out for some great muscle recovery fuel!

I was also given a H2O Audio Amphibx Waterproof Armband and Waterproof headphones for my iPod. Too cool! Go check them out!!

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