Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wrapping Up June 2010

It's the last day of June 2010.  It's hump day during my biggest week of training EVER. 

On Monday I got hit by a car while running - tru.  I'm mostly fine, nothing that will prevent training.  But my Garmin Forerunner 305 was broke during the accident and the driver took off - also tru; Garmin is missing... gone.  My biggest week of training and I don't have my GPS/Heart Rate Monitor/Cadence and all.  I have been blessed to know a few people who have offered to let me borrow their Garmin for Racine - Great, but you know... still not mine.

So beyond all of that where am I at with my training to date?

June Totals:
Swim - 3+ Hours
Bike - 334
Run - 112

So June is beyond any distance training that I've ever done in a single month.  This was my first month running more than 100 miles and my second month biking more than 300 miles in the last year.  Big steps for me!

For this stage in training (Critical Volume: Sat, June 26 - Wed, June 30 [5 days]) my totals to date are:
Swim - Just under 2 miles (1mile swim in Lake Michigan)
Bike - 146 miles
Run - 24+ miles

I still have a run tomorrow, Friday and Saturday.  I also have a swim tomorrow and another bike on Friday.

Almost there!!  Racine is 3 weeks away!

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