Thursday, September 1, 2011

So very close....

September is here!  I'm opting out of Rev3 Cedar Point half iron tri due to finances.  I finally got in to the USAT Coaching Certification Clinic - very exciting as I've been trying to get in since March; it's a very limited class, both in registrants and location.  It just so happens that the event I finally got in to is in Las Vegas.  This will be a great opportunity for me as a personal trainer as well as for Team Motiv8 Fitness and Training!  The cost of the class and travel is going to be rather expensive but it's a worthwhile investment.  So sadly, I'm out for Rev3CP.

That being said I will be racing a local sprint tri on Saturday the 10th - The Playmakers Classic.  I see that the Capital City River Run Half Marathon is the 18th... I cannot rule that run out as I've run it the last 3 years, but I'm also not trained to race that distance.  Run,yes - race, no.  I was secretly hoping that I could convince my body to run Dances With Dirt - Hell 50 Miler, not going to happen, maybe the 50k.  From there I'm looking into October at the MSU Triathlon and either the Grand Rapids or Detroit Marathon. 

This year it has been a struggle to get my needed workouts in.  Childcare has been different with the prospect of losing my job with the fire department, though that is pretty much a sealed deal NOT to happen now.  I'm thankful for that as I do enjoy being a firefighter/paramedic.  Next week Anna starts kindergarten - my little princess is growing up!  So now Sophie and I will have a lot more time alone during the days I'm home and it may be a bit easier to get one girl out with me on a run rather than two.  But still, I wouldn't change anything... except the whole thing about my little girls growing up.

August totals were as expected:

Bike: 91 miles, Run: 65 miles, Swim: 10 minutes... WHOA! WHA? Yup... my only swim in August was at the Lansing Legislator -- oops.  Strength (other) training took a little boost to about 10 hours this month.

The good news, I just broke 1000 miles on the bike for the year.  Just shy of 400 miles running for the year.  So that leaves me to get in 1000 miles more on the bike and about 350-400 more miles running.  No big deal, right? That only means 8 miles a day on the bike and a merely 3 miles a day to run.  Sept and Oct have always been high run volumes for me.  I won't bail on the swimming as it's always been my biggest limiter - I've made several big gains this year, so I have to hit the water in this off season.  But time in the water has been very poor so far this year.

Races are pretty much done, now it's time to break some personal bests and annual totals!

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