Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Body Media

Good news to my followers - I have partnered with Body Media to bring you more tools to help you in your weight loss journey!  Just like what you see on the NBC's The Biggest Loser.

The armband has 2 options. The first option has a Bluetooth connection to your phone (iPhone or Android based) with an app that helps you track your progress through the day.  The second option is for the armband to connect to your computer or give you feedback through a separate pod.  You can also track heart rate by purchasing a heart rate strap (although this is a 3rd party option).

The Core Armband + Display is on sale right now for $129
The LINK Armband (the one with the Bluetooth capability) is $149

When you buy a new Armband you also get 3 months free to their website (normally $6.95/month).

The benefit to the BodyMedia product is that you will get accurate feeback about your calorie expenditure, sleeping patterns and weight management.  You can connect the BodyMedia with free apps such as MyFitnessPal (the  app) to give you a detailed report of your daily calories consumed and expended.

Simply wear the armband throughout each day (except in the water) and you'll be given specific information to help you on your fitness journey!  Better yet, work with a personal trainer, such as myself, and you'll benefit from direct day to day coaching about your progress.  I will be able to track your day to day totals remotely, so as my client you don't have to live close to me.  We can work together from across the world!

Follow the link below and check out the BodyMedia then contact me for coaching help!

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