Thursday, November 6, 2008

400 Miles

Today I went for a MTB ride with a friend from the BT Group. She also brought along a friend who is going Pro as a Triathlete with Team USA this coming season... which explains why he was so fast on the bike. We rode at Sleep Hollow park. Rode out and back for 10.5 miles in just over an hour.

Today's ride puts me just over the 400 mile mark for biking this year. While I didn't have any specific distance goals for biking this year, seeing that 400 mile mark was pretty exciting.

I hope to build my bike base this winter so next year I will have more endurance to maintain faster speeds. Right now I average about 18 mph during races and 16 mph for training rides. I hope to push that up into the low 20's, let's say 22 mph race average. That will be average over a 15 to 20 mile ride as right now my distance rides go from 20 to 35 miles.

And as my friend Lisa says: "It’s what you accomplish in the off season that wins races."


Andrea said...

Awww, great job! I used to ride out at Sleepy Hollow. There are some fun little trails out there! Great job on the 400 miles!

Timm said...

"You're a looney."

Much respect for ya. You make me feel out of shape. :P