Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby Sophia

Just when I think I am settling into a routine, something changes. Sometimes not so good things like being sick or having a few busy shifts in a row at work will cause my training to fall short of my goals.

Sometimes good things happen and once in a while something great will happen. This past few days I have lost more sleep and not even thought about trying to workout for the simple reason that we welcomed our new baby girl, Sophia, into our family on Friday January 23. She weighed in at 8.5 pounds and 20.25 inches. Becky delivered Sophia naturally and non medicated, what a woman huh?

Sophia is a little bundle of joy, and every time she squints her face into what appears to be a smile, I lighten up inside. Sophia makes us a family of 4. Anna is now a proud big sister, Becky is a very proud mother of two and I am more content with life than I have been in a year. Sure we are lacking a little sleep... ok, lacking lots of sleep. But I wouldn't trade this for anything, especially a few hours running in the cold and snow.

My family is my support system. Not only do they help encourage me to run faster or bike farther, they also remind me of the importance of staying fit. I'm not saying that you have to be an endurance athlete, but do what you can to make sure you will maximize the time you have with the people you love more than anything.

I chose to compete in the world of triathlon over a year ago. I'm just beginning to see the results of good training. I will now need to learn how to better balance family and training. I will seek out advice from people I have met over this last year and find ways to better myself for the sport and most of all, for my family.

Thank you all for your words of encouragement over these last few days. Thank you for the phone calls and gifts. We look forward to introducing you to Sophia.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jeremy and Becky,

Sophia is so adorable! How can you have 2 such adorable baby girls? What a gift they are, and they have no idea how blessed they are to have been born into such a loving family.

Becky, you did such an awesome job. You look wonderful, even without sleep. You too Jeremy. Take care of yourselves, and your little ones. Hope to see you soon. Love, Donna Beltz

Becky said...

I love you!
Your loving wife, Becky