Sunday, October 12, 2008

St. Johns Pumpkin Trot 10K

Today I ran a 10k (6.2 Mile) race. This was the St. Johns Pumpkin Trot 10k. It was run by the Lyons Club. I choose today's race last minute.

I had originally planned to race in a sprint triathlon hosted by the MSU Triathlon team. Several factors came into play as to why I did not run in this race, all in all it just wasn't meant to be.

Today was the first time I raced a 10k. I completed the half mary two weeks ago, but I've never competed in a 10k.

I briefly reviewed the course map and toed the start line. The weather was supposed to be in the mid-seventies, but I figured "Hey, it's October" So while I wore my basic summer runner attire, I choose a heavier shirt. This proved to be a bad idea as the temperature was in the high 70's and part of the race was over newly blacktopped road. This made the heat radiate back up, it got warm...

This course was one of the most hilly runs that I've ever done. The first hill was actually the 'sledding' hill near the city high school. I sprinted up it figuring that most people would tire out quickly and I'd have a few seconds lead. I was right, however maybe other people were aware of the upcoming hills and were reserving their energy. The next 3 hills were tough.

The course covered multiple terrains also. We started on a paved walkway, then on to the first hill, which was all fields. Next into the wooded trails those were uneven, but no big deal. The course then went to paved roads for a short bit and then dirt roadway for a while. The dirt roads made me nervous as I sometimes have lateral knee pain after running them. The uneven, potholed, washed out sections make it tough to maintain a good speed. The hills made it more tough. This part of the race was an out and back, I think it was intentional just for the enjoyment of the hills in reverse. I however did not find this part amusing. Back to the paved roadway, and here is when I noticed how warm it was. I seriously considered tossing my shirt to the side of the road with hopes that I could find it after the race. Lastly we moved back into the city residential streets. These were fine as long I stayed in the center of the road. Finally we moved back into the city park where the race ended.

I finished 6.2 miles in 50 minutes and 40 seconds. That put me at an average pace of 8m 10s per mile. Not too bad!

The best news: I finished first in my age group (24-29). I am pretty excited about this, it makes me glad that I raced here rather than the tri in EL.

So this probably marks the end of the racing season for me. Unless something pops up and grabs my attention, I'll be done for the year.

So now what? I am 10 miles over my scheduled goal for running 366 miles this year (297 miles to date). But I'm behind on my October Run Challenge, I'll catch up this week.

I also applied to a racing team for next year. While they aren't really a 'sponsor' they do supply race nutrition and weekly team training. But they are not in the Lansing area, so the weekly training may not benefit me. I should have an interview scheduled soon, at that time we'll discuss whether the team would benefit from my racing, and if they would benefit my training and races. With this team I have to be dedicated to racing at least 6 qualifying races (Tri, Du or Bike [MTB or Road]). I can do that. On this note, I hope to also hire a coach. I found one, we've talked and I just need confirm price and scheduling.

Lastly, I may consider looking for a few local sponsors this coming race season. I should be able to promote a business with my improving times. A sponsor would help cover my race entry fee's, training, clothing, equipment and equipment maintenance. We'll see how training goes for the winter and how life presents itself with the addition of our new baby.

As always, thank you all for your encouragement and support!

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layneh said...

I still do no understand paying to run... Maybe its just the fact that the Navy ran me into the ground.

I have never been a big fan of running, however I do appreciate the benefits of running. I have tossed the idea around to start running a few times a week, maybe on my off days from biking, not sure if I am that motivated yet however.

Paying for a coach seems a bit odd if your going to be joining a team. I would think that they will have good info on it before signing up to pay someone.

Oh, and by the way, I just watched "Run Fatboy, Run" good movie, you should check it out.